About Us

How it all began…

Hi! I’m Mel!

I created Elite Home Assistance after I discovered a love for chemical free cleaning because it cut my cleaning time in half, reduced the amount of chemicals I had in my home, saved me some serious cash and enabled me to spend more time with my new baby, Tilly. 

It started with Enjo…

I first found Enjo when I attended an Enjo in-home demonstration at a friend’s home. The consultant, Karen, showed me how you could save time on cleaning, remove the majority of chemicals I was using and save me money. She showed me how to clean the whole home just with water!

Hard to believe, right? Initially I was sceptical, too. But I was converted when i managed to carry my newborn around the home and watched her prove me wrong. When it came to ordering time, i had no idea where to even begin, as my mind was consumed with my clingy baby. So Karen offered for me to hold a demo at my own home! 

Once I held the demo I was able to convert my home to chemical free for minimal cost through Enjo rewards from sharing the products with my friends and family. I remember having a conversation with Karen about the business opportunity with Enjo. Being able to create a side hustle that could give me a bit of time away from being Mum and bringing in some pocket money was enticing so I jumped at the opportunity.

Prior to having my first child, I was career driven and worked 60+ hours a week and spent a majority of my life sick. Changing to a chemical free solution helped me understand the benefits of cleaning in a chemical free environment and in half the time. I now have more time to spend with my family and have saved hundreds of dollars.

I became a consultant holding demos and sharing Enjo in my local area. I thought about how I could help introduce Enjo into peoples homes, so I started cleaning and organising a couple of homes. One client referred another and it all began from there. Soon enough I employed my first staff member, and the business began. 

The majority of our team are returning to work after having babies. We all understand how important a clean, organised and chemical free home is. Our team is passionate about helping people and  identified other services that would make a positive impact on a busy families’ life. Such as finishing off the weekly washing pile, tidying up the kitchen pantry, cleaning out the Fridge and the list goes on. Imagine coming home and knowing these mundane tasks are taken care of. This is what Elite Home Assistance is all about – making your life easier!

Why not book in for a free consultation with me and let’s see what we can do? You’ve got nothing to lose!


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