Size and configuration of your home
Please select the size of your home you wish to have cleaned. If this is your first clean (potentially ongoing) please select the Spring Clean option to enable a deeper first clean. This is something we suggest to most clients to enable us to thoroughly clean their home.

If you have additional rooms like kitchen/kitchenette, bathrooms, living areas or laundry please add them in the additional rooms section.
Additional rooms
As every home is different please add any additional rooms in your home that require cleaning.
Other services
We offer our clients a range of additional services, from Pantry Pamper, Kitchen Cupboard Organisation, Linen Press Love, Oven Deep Clean, Fridge Clean or a Wardrobe Wake Up. If you would like to add of these to your quote please select below.

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Receive 10% off when you book in a weekly clean.
T&C apply.

If you don’t see your exact service above in this calculator, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a more definitive quote.