Looking after your home

Imagine all the free time you would have if you no longer had to worry about all those chores! That would be nice, right?

Our residential cleaning service is perfect for those wanting to remove the tedious chores you’d rather do without.

The service covers things like cleaning and tidying all bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, kitchens and other common areas around the house.

Did you know that shower screens get cancer?! Yes, you read that right! It’s called Glass Cancer. If you don’t look after your shower screen with regular cleans, there’s no coming back from this glass deterioration. It can also be caused by the use of harsh chemicals, which we choose not to use.

Let our team look after this for you with a regular clean!

The regular clean is all about maintaining your home to a standard that enables you to take back time in your life to focus on more important things. Spending time with family and friends, taking time for yourself after work or on weekends. Or even just being able to sit back and have the peace of mind that a professional is looking after the detailed cleans which will help the longevity of features of your home.

Our residential cleans are all conducted using the ENJO product range meaning that we are chemical free and your home will be too.

Our residential cleaning service:

  • Regular cleans: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Pre sale clean and styling
  • Pre move in/out clean
  • End of Lease Cleaning

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